Wondering minstrel
Contestant Profile


Tribe(s) Sakura
Placement 18/24
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 17

Wondering minstrel aka JR was a contestant on Survivor: Japan.

Although voted out early, JR gave an impressive Redemption Island streak until he was finally eliminated by FeiLong


Name (age): JR
Personal claim to fame: I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour
Inspiration in life: Jesus Christ
Hobbies: Reading, Movie Marathon, Eating & Watching Favorite TV Shows: Survivor
Pet peeves:
3 words to describe you: Approachable, Friend to Everyone & Means what I Say
SURVIVOR contestant you are most like: Yul Kwon
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: it's one of my DREAMZZZZZ!!!
Why you think you'll survive SURVIVOR: I can relate to people, I can handle situations & I have presence of mind.
Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: because I am prepared for it, I deserve it and I claim to be....

Survivor: JapanEdit

JR's Voting History
Episode JR's
Voted Against
1 Sakura Tribe Immune
2 Maxwell Brendan, Maxwell,
Orange, Will
Voted Off, Day 5
3 In Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 17

Post SurvivorEdit


  • He won five redemption island battles.
    • His streak was ended by FeiLong.
    • He currently is tied with FeiLong for the most Redemption Island duels won in a single season with 5.
      • However, he currently holds the record for most challengers defeated in a single season with 6. 
  • JR was the first member of Sakura to be eliminated after 18 days.
  • JR and FeiLong currently tie for the record of most individual challenge wins, with 6.

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