Contestant Profile


Tribe(s) Suryasta
Placement 9/18
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 27


Tribe(s) Manaus
Puta Sorpresa
Placement 6/24
Challenge(s) Won 10
Vote(s) Against 16
Day(s) Lasted 35

Waterwecna aka Gerda was a contestant from Survivor: India, who later won the Fan-Favorite award of the season. She later returned for Survivor: All-Stars.


Name (Age): Gerda, 25

Personal claim to fame: Graduating high school and getting into the uni that I love from the bottom of my heart, getting an award on a fashion show and writing an article that was actually read by many people. I hope to add "publishing my own book" to that list in a few years.
Inspiration in life: J.K. Rowling, Tom Hiddleston, Johnny Depp, Princess Diana, Sherlock Holmes, my family and my friends.

Hobbies:  Writing, reading, drawing, painting, digital art, handicraft, watching movies and documentaries, playing the guitar.

Pet peeves: Arrogant people, insulting, laziness, unreliable people, nagging.

3 words to describe you: Witty, liberal, friendly

SURVIVOR contestant you are most like: I have been told that I am like Natalie from Samoa. But I see myself more as someone like Sandra.

Reason for being on SURVIVOR:  I have loved the show ever since 2000 and being on an ORG is fun.

Why you think you’ll “survive” SURVIVOR: Because I am a smart player.

Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: Because I think I can play well enough to win. I have before.

Survivor: IndiaEdit

Gerda's Voting History
Episode Gerda's
Voted Against
1 Suryasta Tribe Immune
2 Suryasta Tribe Immune
3 Luke -
4 Suryasta Tribe Immune
5 Jake -
6 Hoenn -
7 Alex -
8 KJ -
9 KJ Charley, Chicken,
KJ, Mick, Wojtek
Voted Off, Day 27
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: All-StarsEdit

Statistics of Waterwecna
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 62
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 9
Individual wins 4
Total 13
Tribal Council
Total votes received 21
Exile Island
Times exiled N/A
Redemption Island
Days spent at Redemption Island N/A
Duels won N/A
Gerda's Voting History
Episode Gerda's
Voted Against
1 Manaus Tribe Immune
2 Manaus Tribe Immune
3 Feijoada Tribe Immune
4 Charley -
5 Orange -
6 Orange Individual Immunity
7 Feijoada Tribe Immune
8 Fortaleza Tribe Immune
9 Fortaleza Tribe Immune
10 Courtney -
11 Monkey;
Individual Immunity
12 Charley;
Charley, Dallas,
Mitchell, Monkey, Will;
Dallas, Mitchell,
Monkey, Will
13 Charley Charley, Dallas
14 Mitchell Individual Immunity
15 Will;
Individual Immunity
16 Dallas Charlie, Dallas
17 Monkey Bailey, Charlie, CJ
Voted Off, Day 35
Voted for
Sole Survivor



  • Gerda formely competed and won Survivor: Hawaii on the Main ORG.
    • Gerda is one of three people to formely win on the Main ORG and compete on DrPanda ORG. The first being Charlie and was followed by Alfons.
  • Gerda won the Fan-Favorite award for India.
    • Gerda is the first female contestant to win the Fan-Favorite award.
  • Gerda is tied with Charlie, Wesley and Bailey with most immunity wins in one season with 4.
    • Until that record was broken by Perry with 7 individual immunity wins in a single season. 
    • However, she owns the record for the most individual immunity wins in a single season for a female with 4. 

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