"This Vote Will Be Legendary"
Season Survivor: Kiribati
Episode Number 12/12 (12)
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"This Vote Will Be Legendary" is the final episode of Kiribati.



Day 35Edit

Day 36Edit

Day 37Edit

Day 38Edit

Day 39Edit

Tribal CouncilEdit

Day 36

Tribal Council 14:
First Vote (Tie) Revote (Eddie & Mitchell
ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Eddie (2 votes)
Crtha, Mitchell
Eddie (1 vote)
Mitchell (2 votes)
Courtney, Eddie
Mitchell (0 votes)
S1Eddie bw

Day 38

Tribal Council 15:
Crtha (1 vote)
S1crtha bw

Day 39

Final Tribal Council:
for Winner
Courtney (5 votes)
Crtha, Echo, Eddie, Monkey, Raphael
Mitchell (2 votes)
Alexjason, Ometepe
S1mitchell bw

Voting Confessionals/Jury SpeechEdit

Day 36Edit

Obviously I don't expect to survive this tribal, and if I go down I'm ecstatic to cast one last vote for Eddie. I let my sadism get in the way of taking him out last tribal, and now my fate rests in unsteady hands. I don't trust Crtha, I haven't trusted Crtha, and it will not be a surprise if she votes for me. This vote will not be a blindside. This vote will be legendary.


4 words: You are a threat!


Day 38Edit

I am reasonably confident that you will vote for me to win the game. And being able to complete the Pagonging of post-swap Tenei is too delicious to pass up. I've manipulated your feelings for so long. I don't need you anymore.


Day 39Edit

I was promised final three from the start, from so many people.. but how come I trust Mitchell, more then I trusted Eddie. I don't know if it was a mistake. Since, I want to be fair...

Questions to both of you...

1. Why should you win?

2. Do you think, you deserve to win? Why or why not?

Courtney- Why did you play under the radar, and stay loyal to your alliances?

Mitchell- Why did you play mostly everyone? And I don't see how you remain loyal to that one person...

Comments on Courtney and Mitchell

Courtney- You played a game, where you haven't won an individual immunity, and you're team barely made it to the merge... i dont understand, you're easily liked.. HOW ARE YOU NOT A THREAT! There are points I understand, but you are a threat, you may have played this game wisely, but I don't get how people don't see it, in you... You may seem to be nice, that's how most people are.... no one KNOWS you.... SO NO ONE HAS THE NERVE TO TAKE YOU OUT!!!!

Mitchell aka Michael- YOU LIED.... I understand, you wanted me out, but you should have told me, I would like that better then a blindside... And don't expect me to be nice, atm cause I really don't know what you have to say. I felt played and used... ha, that's probably what you do to every girl, isn't it...


Hello Mitch and Courtney!

First of all I want to congratulate both of you! You both made this far Motu co-members!

Let's see what will my vote be! Good job Amigo and Courtney!

I have a question to both of you, who do you think is the other castaway sitting in the Jury that's more deserving for the Final 2 spot? And why? I need an honest answer!!!!

For Courtney, I think you did nothing to emerge in every challenges both tribal and individual! You're weak and lame Courtney to be honest at almost all the challenges! Then you are almost invisible, I don't know if that's a strategic move, but well, that's stupid. You're a coat-tail rider of Eddie, under-the-radar Motu member! Sorry for this, but I must say that I'm more deserving for that Final 2 spot! Should our 2nd tie-breaker would be a duel, I'm sure I will eat you alive!!!! Be thankful that past votes have governed. For me, you didn't have at least 1% probability to get my vote since the start of the merge!!! I'm glad Mitchell bring you at the Final 2 because you don't have a chance of winning lady!!! Anyway, congrats Courtney! :-)

For Mitchell, Yo Amigo Mitchell congrats! I really expected you to made it this far since you are a beast at challenges! I salute you for that! And I will declare that you are also the BEST STRATEGIST OF THIS SEASON!!!! You told me your dark secrets and evil strategies at the Final 5 (your strategies since Day 1), I 100% trusted you and Amigo Monkey that's why I didn't blindside both of you! You also revealed to me your evil plans to get rid off Eddie and other coat-tail riders! You also said that you are only concealing your true color and you are the LEGIT evil of this season! I have no hard feelings at you because you vote with me until I was booted out. You are a loyal ally of mine! But I just wanna tell everybody that Mitchell was not really a hero!!! He's a VILLAIN!!! Amigo you are more deserving to win this competition because you did OUTWIT (since we're from minority alliance, you did emerge against the odds and outwitted the BIG threats!), OUTPLAY (you won 3 individual immunities and played your HII effectively!) and OUTLAST (you have managed to strategize against the majority alliance to make it to the end!). You deserve to win Amigo Mitchell!


First of all I would like to says congratulations to both of you for making it this far. But neither one of you deserve to make it to where you are today. But saying that, this is a better result than Cochran, Dawn and Sherri.

Mitchell: What are the odds of you winning? And should you win? Why? Why not? How was getting me out just as satisfying as voting Eddie out?

Courtney: How many people do you think would have taken you to the final tribal council if it meant them winning? Do you think Mitchell took you there because of that reason? And should you win? Why? Why not?


Well, congrats. You both made it to Day 39. Which means each of you did something right. I am not bitter.

My first question is for both of you. It is, who do you think I will be voting for?

My second question is for both of you as well, In 3 words, describe you gameplay and in 1 sentence, say why it was better OR you can say why you compared yourself to that Survivor player in your cast bio(in detail). (spell check counts).

My last question is for both of you. I want you to pick 2 members of the Jury. 1 most be the on you think played the best. And the other the worst. Make sure you say why.

So good luck and lets see who gets my vote.

P.S. This question is just for fun(maybe). Do you like Monkey's?


Well first of all, congratulation to both of you!!! It was very fun to play with you guys! I want you to be very proud of want you did!! It was not easy to get were you are now!! My hat off to the both of you. I think the 2 of you played a pretty decent game! I don't know for who to vote for... So i'm gonna ask each of you 3 questions and the person who said the best answers will get my vote!

Mitchell: I want to know, when I was voted out, were you the one who planned it or did you just vote the we told you to do? Is their a moment in the game, where you thought everything was over? Why did you picked Courtney over Crtha? please answer with as much details as possible.

Courtney: Can you tell me a specific move that you engineer, if not, tell me why you did'nt? If you could pick 2 people that could be sitting at your place, who would they be and why? Can you compare your gameplay with a contestant from the real show? Explain all this question as much as possible

So congratulations again and I can't wait to see how it plays out!


Well hello everyone! You have made it this far, the game isn't over and the only congrats I will give are when the winner is announced. I shall give my summary of how I feel about each of you.

Mitch. Mitch, you were a very "interesting player,"...actually...more like a pathetic one. you are a REALLY good liar, that is very important...but you do it to the point that no one really trusts are one of those people that will promise you the world...the throw you off a didn't play that much of a pre-merge game...and I know this because everyone gone pre-merge was my doing (accept Ali and Blake) and in the merge you just let Monkey tell you what to do...and if you did have some ideas..well....I didn't see only really played to get me out...which you failed... at until the F4...but even then...Crtha was the one to put me out of the game...but karma is a I feel like you lied and took orders like a drone all your way I mean...oh, and won Immunity, which the only reason you are sitting here, if it wasn't for that yous slimy ass would have been out of the game a while ago...oh and your idol, so that is my summary of you. you are quite the pathetic player and will hopefully NOT return, and may you have a horrible day :)

Mitch, you lied the whole game...I honestly don't feel like asking a question that will open the slimy, rank, foul, ratchet can of garbage which is you mouth, and having it vomit out lies that waste peoples time reading, so that is all i have for you :)

Courtney. You played a NICE game...when I say nice i mean sweet, I don't feel like you made any moves on your own, sort of relied on Tyler and Ali pre-merge and me in the merge, but there is one thing you did that no one else here here did...which was stay LOYAL. You are one of the most loyal and honest players this fact you ARE the most loyal and NEVER turned on me and you were always willing to go along with any plan even if I didn't have all the details for you, and I respect didn't win any individuals...but are is quite amazing. That is my summary of you.

Courtney, one question, do you think Mitch made a mistake in bringing you with him?

That is all.


Vote for Mitchell!

First off, shout-out to my boy Tank! We started this game together, and it was a start that propelled me to where I ended up now, in front of all of you.

Coming in, I wanted to do two things: pick one person to be completely loyal to, and then form a layered alliance. I knew that I would not be above lying or manipulating.

It wasn't easy. I started off in a comfortable position in Motu; I hated not winning, but I had an alliance that would protect me. I got out a huge threat in Ali. And then post-swap Motu, I doomed myself by not making a strong enough case to Tyler soon enough. With Tank and Courtney, we could've ran that tribe. But instead, every time I concocted a ploy, fate was against me. However, I continued an under-the-radar game, and it was here that a key point of my strategy arose: in the words of Mama Sandra, "as long as it ain't me".

I was ecstatic to make the merge, and it was a dogfight between an alliance of the original Motu an the original Tenei, I believe. I'm not sure which of you jurors were ever loyal to me. All that I do know is that I told a lot of lies to a lot of people. We got some good shots in with getting rid of Echo, and Crtha working with us against Raphael. But when circumstances started piling against me, I needed to go into beast-mode.

I started winning challenges, and I think it was around this time I began to become singled out as a threat. I was obviously a huge strategic threat, being able to run scenarios and odds in the blink of an eye. But now I was winning challenges too. Honestly, I didn't care who got voted out as long as it wasn't me; whenever I had protection, I would vote for Eddie merely because I wanted to.

My glory day came when I got the Hidden Immunity Idol from the auction, which I kept secret to everyone. I messed up in using it by trying to take Eddie out gleefully single-handedly, but I got Ometepe out instead, which was just as satisfying.

In my endgame, Crtha was the only person who was willing to work with me. She voted how I wanted her to in taking out Eddie, and then she presented a greater threat to me, so she needed to go next. There is no room for emotion in this game.

That's a summary. Now let me give you all the short version. This entire game, I was never the figure-head f any alliance; I wasn't known to be spear-heading anything. I formed my Day 1 alliance and then let the other pawns do what they may. But I was always there in the background, nudging them along. Was I ever solely responsible for a vote? Heavens no. But I kept the blood off of my hands, subtly manipulating everyone I worked with to do my bidding for me, pushing them along, leading them to the slaughter. That's how I propelled myself this deep.

I think I played a great social game. I obviously played a good physical game when I needed to. And I think I may have played the greatest strategic game out of anyone in the entire game. However, the only thing I know for sure, is that I performed better in all three aspects than Courtney did. And that is why I think you should all vote for me.

I was loyal to the people I needed to be loyal to. And if you weren't one of those people, I would lie to you like you've never been lied to. Lying is one of my greatest strengths, and to all of those who believed me when I was lying to you, I outplayed you there. I'd tell you whatever you needed to hear so you would keep me. And you have.

Thank you for your time.


Hello, everyone. First of all, I'd like to say thank you for actually listening to what I have to say. I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who helped me get this far. Without further ado here's what I have to say.

There are quite a few reasons to vote for me, one of them is Honesty and trustworthiness. In the game of survivor it is very hard to find an honest, trustworthy and loyal person. I am pretty much all three of those characteristics. I pretty much played my game so I wouldn't lose who I am, Kind, honest, loyal and trustworthy person. I am glad that I didn't loose who I was to some online game.

Another reason you should vote for me is what I relied on to win. Not sure what I mean by that? What I mean is that I didn't rely upon challenge wins and advantages to get to the end unlike Mitchell who relied a lot on challenge wins to get to get to the end. Had Mitchell not won half the challenges he won, he probably wouldn't be here right now.

I know I'm being accused of riding coat tails and I will admit to relying on people a bit too much in this game, Lying in my game was at a very minimum because I wanted people to trust me unlike Mitchell who lied his way to the finals and not many people trust him, that's if anyone trusted him because I know that I didn't trust him at all. By relying on people I know I could get someone to trust me. Trust is the reason why I voted for most of the people in the game that I sent home or to the jury.

When you're voting for the winner I ask that you keep this in mind: What is more important to you in this game? Lying and relying on challenge wins or honesty and not using challenge wins and advantages to get to the end.


Final WordsEdit

Final ResultEdit

S1alexjason bw2
S1ali bw
S1blake vo
S1fennekin bw
S1mitchell bw
S1monkey bw
S1tank bw
S1tyler bw
S1cael bw
S1crtha bw
S1echo bw
S1Eddie bw
S1jack bw
S1jordan bw
S1matthew bw
S1ometepe bw
S1raphael bw


  • This is the first ever DrPanda ORG finale episode.
  • Although Echo voted, he is the only Juror to not make a Jury speech.

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