Survivorpanda (more commonly known as Panda) is one of the founders and hosts of the DrPanda ORG. Panda is known for being on chat a lot, intereacting with contestants there. He also shuffles the tribes at the beginning of the game.

About SurvivorpandaEdit

Survivorpanda is from the United States. He joined the wiki community on May 4, 2013. Ever since then, he became obsessed with the Wiki and went on a lot. Panda met Max (TheDrPeps79) on the Survivor Wiki chat and became good wiki friends. Panda jokingly suggested to start an ORG, but the "joke" became an "idea." Then Max and Panda made the DrPanda Survivor ORG, in which they are always hosts. He currently hosting the


first season of the ORG, Survivor: Kiribati, along with Max. He and Max are launching the second season, Survivor: Japan, along with Kiribati contestants Eddie, Ali, and Crtha. Survivor: India, the third season of the ORG also started.


  • He is one of the founders of the wiki, along with TheDrPeps79.
  • Panda won Survivorfan13's 4th season of Survivor Chat.
  • In chat, there is an emote based off of Survivorpanda.
  • Panda later played as a contestant on Survivor: Côte d'Ivoire on the main ORG Wiki and placed 10th.