Contestant Profile

Survivor: Kiribati

Tribe(s) Motu
Placement 13/18
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 16

Sinjoh aka Tyler was a contestant on Survivor: Kiribati.


Name (Age): Tyler Kasniak (16)
Tribe Designation: Motu
Current Residence: Buffalo, New York
Personal Claim Of Fame: I don't have one.
Inspiration In Life: Lady Gaga. She's inspired me to be myself with her music.
Hobbies: Writing, History, Reading
Pet Peeves: Inequality, Arrogance, Sore Losers, Douchebags
3 Words To Describe You: Odd, Smart, Humorous
If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?: 1) Books, 2) Sunscreen, 3) Notepad and pens
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: To be honest, I can't choose a former castaways I'm like.
Reason For Being On Survivor: I love the show, and I'm a true superfan.
Why Do You Think Will Be Sole Survivor: I think I'm not going to ruffle too many feathers, which will get me to the end.

Survivor: KiribatiEdit

Tyler's Voting History
Episode Tyler's
Voted Against
1 Blake -
2 Motu Tribe Immune
3 Fennekin -
4 Tank Tank
5 Jordan Jack, Jordan,
Voted Off, Day 16

Post SurvivorEdit


  • Tyler competed in the original Survivor ORG's fourth season, Survivor: Egypt, and placed 7th.
    • Tyler is one of six castaways of Survivor: Kiribati to have played in one of the main Survivor: ORGs, along with Ali, Courtney, Jack, Ometepe, Raphael.
  • In both Egypt and Kiribati, Tyler's tribes both lost the first immunity challenge.

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