Power Key
Power Key
The Power Key
Survivor Gameplay
Description The ability to have a minor advantage in the upcoming challenge.
Appearance(s) Kiribati

The Power Key is a game-changing twist that is first featured in Kiribati. It is earned by the winners of the previous challenge and they are granted the option to use it in the next reward or immunity challenge.


The key was given to the tribe that won it as a reward. From that point on, at every challenge, an advantage was offered to the tribe with the power key. When a tribe uses the power key, it goes to the other tribe to use in a future challenge. This was done until the merge, where this twist was retired.

Twist HistoryEdit

Survivor: KiribatiEdit

Key UsageEdit

Episode Ownership Challenge Mechanics Advantage Medallion Used?
2 Tenei Contestants will be matched up against one person from the other tribe and play Isoball. They will play the first five levels and submit their scores. Power Key holders can choose three people from the opposing tribe to have 300 points subtracted from their personal total. Xbutton
3 Key Inactive
(Tenei still in possession)
4 Tenei The tribes will play 39 Bottles, and each post a receding number in a set order until they reach "1 bottle of beer". The tribe can sit out two people and use 5 people using whatever strategy that may hold. Ybutton
5 Motu Players will spin a weight on a stick and have to balance it for as long as they can to get a high score. Everyone from this team will get 100 extra points to each of their totals. Ybutton
6 Tenei The game is Pomme Pomme, where you have to use your mouse to bounce fruit into a grinder and earn points for each fruit. The tribe with the highest cumulative score wins. The holders of the Key get to sit out one person from the opposing tribe. Ybutton


  • This twist is based off of the Medallion of Power used in Survivor: Nicaragua.
  • Of the four times it was eligible to be used, it was only used three times.
  • Tenei is the first tribe to receive and use the Power Key.