A Machete in the NeckA New ForceAlexgrossmann594
Alik99Alternate Returning PlayersAlygoddess
Am I Dreaming?AmazingPurryAnother Brick In The Wall
Another Day, Another Challenge, Another AllianceAnother Day, Another Challenge, Another Alliance/ConfessionalsAnti-Twerk Coalition
Anything Could HappenAnything Could Happen/ConfessionalsAshbrie13
Atrain73Back With a VengeanceBadAssWookie
Be Prepared For EverythingBeeteeD3Benenen
Better Safe Than SorryBlaine7275Blow the Pants Off
Brian Long173311Bwburke94Caleb Loki
Can't Wait for the DramaCancanpiano.joffe381Casey423
David34Diego AntonioDistrict3
DkoolsurvivorDoes He Think I'm Stupid?Does It Look Like I Care?
Double The FunDouble TroubleDown Two Chances
DrMarbleDrPandaDrPanda Survivor ORG Wiki
Drop the Victim ActEaoafgEasternSky
Emerald pieEpersonEros123
Exile IslandExpect the UnexpectedFeiLong
FeijoadaFidèleFinally Got to Blindside Someone
First Phase Of My PlansFirst Phase Of My Plans/ConfessionalsFortaleza
Free For AllFujiGabe0798
HappyPieHawkmandanHe's Going to Be Blindsided
He Has A Huge EgoHe Has A Huge Ego/ConfessionalsHenzzy
Here's Hoping It's Your Death Sentence TonightHere's Hoping It's Your Death Sentence Tonight/ConfessionalsHoleseditor28
Hope I Don't Get Water BlastedHoping for a MiracleHpottergleek
I'm the Best and I'm Ready to Prove ItITzGoAtzI Do Believe in Karma
I Got Enough Swag to Keep Me GoingI Welcome Them to TryIbadan
Idol GaloreIgnoring People isn't a StrategyIn The Halls Of Our Winners
In The Halls Of Our Winners/ConfessionalsIn the Power PositionIncapable Of Winning
It's So AggravatingItsAjNealeIvanornels
Jack ErdmannJakeGoesInLineJake R
John AlwinJoshjosh123JuliaAndDanielle
Jumbled Into New TribesJumbled Into New Tribes/ConfessionalsJury
Leelong2012Let's Play a Game...Lies More Than Pinocchio
Like a Lone WolfList of ORG ContestantsLive To See Another Day
Live To See Another Day/ConfessionalsLoveKatnissLspie1
LukeProwerLúdicoManaoMad Russell
Mind Games and FlippersMind Games and Flippers/ConfessionalsMister.. E.
MrMatthewg11Mrchicken123My Back Is Against The Wall
My Back Is Against The Wall/ConfessionalsMy Dark Side is Coming OutMy Options Are Limitless
My Options Are Limitless/ConfessionalsMy Time to ShineNajim Rahman11
Need To Stay In The NumbersNeed To Stay In The Numbers/ConfessionalsNo One Should Ever Feel Safe
NotLiamNot A Team PlayerNot Afraid To Get My Hands Dirty
Not Going Down Without A FightNothing to Hide BehindNow's The Time For A Big Move
PeaceOut12Perseus PotterPieniazek666
Playing Under the RadarPockets FilledPower Key
PumPumPumpkin :3Puta SorpresaQueenFioonz
Redemption IslandRenz IfnsReturning Players
RevengeOfTheNerdsRichie-BeanRockstar 1514
Rokgen44Runway BSakura
Sakura AllianceSami171Sanzoku
Screaming It from the RooftopsSelreyesSharky 3000
She Gets Guys Into Her NetShe Gets Guys Into Her Net/ConfessionalsSheerloyd01
ShintoSinjohSmooth Sailing All the Way
SofilviaSole SurvivorSole Survivor Francesca Hogi
Survivor: All-StarsSurvivor: AntarcticaSurvivor: El Salvador
Survivor: FranceSurvivor: IndiaSurvivor: Japan
Survivor: KiribatiSurvivor: MexicoSurvivor: Namibia
Survivor: Nigeria/ArchiveSurvivor: Sri LankaSurvivorGirl3678
SurvivorpandaSuryastaSão Paulo
TDSurvivorFan123TaiyouTaking Baby Steps
TeneiTenseTargetThank You for Digging Your Own Grave
That Thing Would Give Me NightmaresThat Thing Would Give Me Nightmares/ConfessionalsThatsmyidol
TheHolyRabbitTheUnderdogDreamThe Avengers
The Beast Has Been KilledThe Behavior That Deserves A RevengeThe Behavior That Deserves A Revenge/Confessionals
The Blame is on HimThe Boy With The Pikachu TattooThe Dynamic Duo of Disaster
The Handsome MenThe Sheep Need To Slaughter The ShepardThe Sheep Need To Slaughter The Shepard/Confessionals
The Swaggis Haven't Got as Much Swag as They ThoughtThe Taiyou FourThe Tres Amigos
Thenin10domasterTheshirinThis Game Has Made You A Bit Too Mean
This Game Has Made You A Bit Too Mean/ConfessionalsThis Is My Power ShiftThis Vote Will Be Legendary
Tiernan420Time Will Show EverythingTime Will Show Everything/Confessionals
Time to Work My MagicTime to Work My Magic/ConfessionalsTiptipcoco18
TraîtreTribal CouncilTribe
Tribe SwitchTurbofrogTwisting And Turning
Twisting And Turning/ConfessionalsTyler BungardViva La Vota
W123WaterwecnaWe're All Fighters
Weathernow10Went From the Top to the BottomWent From the Top to the Bottom/Confessionals
WesoliniWhat Can Three Do Against Six?Whitneyahn
Who Knows What Will Happen?WhoishWojtexxx7
Wondering minstrelXSierraxBallendinexXxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
YauManFanYou Can Never Be SureYou Can Never Be Sure/Confessionals
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