The Jury is the system in which the former castaways who were voted out from a certain point in the game vote for the Sole Survivor at the end of the game. The Jury goes through the merge, sometimes even starting a bit before the merge. It typically consists of between seven and nine contestants.


The castaways who are in the Jury system listen to what is happening to the remaining contestants. The Jury then decides why they should vote for one person or vote for the other, and even reasons not to vote for that person. Once there are only 2 or 3 castaways remaining, the Jury decides which one they would rather vote for, deeming one contestant the Sole Survivor.

Jury MembersEdit

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  • Echoriver is the first person to ever be on the jury.
    • Echo was not originally planned to be a Jury member, but due to the Survivor Rulebook, Fennekin's exit allowed him to join the Jury.
  • Crtha was the first ever final jury member.
  • Eliman08 is the first contestant to make the merge yet not be a part of the jury.
  • Echoriver and Blaine7275 both hold the record for the least days played for a juror, with 21 each.
    • Mister.. E. has the record for the most days played for a juror, with 41.