Contestant Profile


Tribe(s) Fuji
Placement 7/24
Alliance(s) The Handsome Men
Challenge(s) Won 10
Vote(s) Against 13
Day(s) Lasted 39


Tribe(s) Fortaleza
Placement 16/24
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 16

FeiLong aka Aston is a contestant on Survivor: Japan and Survivor: All-Stars, who later tied for the "Fan Favorite" Award with Henzzy.


Name (age): Aston (14)
Personal claim to fame: Nothing really
Inspiration in life: Bruce Lee, he kicks butt and looks cool doing it. 
Hobbies: Paint Ball, Parkour, Survivor, Internet, Bass Guitar, Music, Filming
Pet peeves: Quitters
3 words to describe you: Smart, Focused, Sneaky
SURVIVOR contestant you are most like: Alex Angarita. Good in challenges and full of knowledge.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR:  100% For Fun!
Why you think you'll survivor SURVIVOR: I feel my experience of watching survivor will help me make it through and secure my position.
Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: Hopefully when I vote off jury members they will understand. Hopefully I get there votes!

Survivor: JapanEdit

Aston's Voting History
Episode Aston's
Voted Against
1 Fuji Tribe Immune
2 Fuji Tribe Immune
3 Ash -
4 Fuji Tribe Immune
5 Ash Ash, Joe, Trace
6 Fuji Tribe Immune
7 Trace Joe, Trace, Will
Voted Off, Day 16
8 In Redemption Island
Returned, Day 25
12 Charlie -
13 Joe, Orange;
14 TJ Charlie
15 Cowboy Individual Immunity
16 CJ Al Pal
17 Al Pal
Maxwell, Will;
Maxwell, Will
Voted Off, Day 39
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Survivor: All-StarsEdit

Statistics of FeiLong
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 55
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 8
Individual wins 6
Total 14
Tribal Council
Total votes received 19
Exile Island
Times exiled N/A
Redemption Island
Days spent at Redemption Island 9
Duels won 5
Aston's Voting History
Episode Aston's
Voted Against
1 Fortaleza Tribe Immune
2 Fortaleza Tribe Immune
3 Eddie -
4 Manaus Tribe Immune
5 Manaus Tribe Immune
6 Raphael -
7 Blaine -
8 Wesley Blaine, CJ, Henry,
Monkey, Taylor, Wesley
Voted Off, Day 16
10 Outcast Twist
Eliminated, Day 19

Profile (All-Stars)Edit

Name (Age): Aston (14)

Personal claim to fame: Returning from Redemption Island!

Inspiration in life: Bruce Lee! Waaahhhh!

Hobbies: Parkour, Survivor, Paintball

Pet peeves: Mean People

SURVIVOR contestant you are most like: Rob Cesternino! Both villains of our original seasons!

Reason for being on SURVIVOR: I was asked back, and I need my vengeance!

Why you think you’ll “survive” SURVIVOR: Because I will not die...

Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: I probably wont lol

Post SurvivorEdit

  • Aston later went to compete on Survivor: Korea. Where he placed 3rd out of 21.


  • FeiLong ended Wondering minstrel's Redemption streak.
    • Aston is currently tied with Wondering minstrel for the most Redemption Island duels won in a single season with 5. 
  • FeiLong is the first member of Fuji to win a Redemption Island battle.
  • FeiLong is the first player to ever return from Redemption Island.
  • FeiLong is the last member of the Original Fuji left standing.
    • He is also the only Fuji member to make the jury stage.
  • FeiLong and Wondering minstrel currently tie for the record of most individual challenge wins with 6.
  • FeiLong is the only original Fuji member to make it to the merge and not switch tribes.
  • Aston won the fan favorite award for Japan

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