DrPanda is a series of Survivor ORGs created by TheDrPeps79 and Survivorpanda.



(As of Survivor: Kiribati) 18 castways are chosen to compete against each other in two or more tribes. Each castaway has to use communication skills to talk with each other to form alliances and eliminate people, i.e. Facebook, email, chat (PM). USUALLY every 3 days a castaway is sent home by being voted out, but when it comes merge time, the time slot between voting lessens. Then the Jury phase will start, and each "castaway" will decide who they will vote for to be Sole Survivor. Once the castways are down to a final 3 or 2, the Jury will vote for who they think is the best deserving of the title Sole Survivor, and whoever has the most Jury votes wins the title.