Contestant Profile


Tribe(s) Motu
Placement 7/18
Alliance(s) The Tres Amigos
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 10
Day(s) Lasted 29


Tribe(s) São Paulo
Puta Sorpresa
Placement 5/24
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 15
Day(s) Lasted 37

Coldmanner aka Monkey was a contestant on Survivor: Kiribati, who later tied for the first-ever "Fan Favorite" Award with Rockstar 1514. He later returned for Survivor: All-Stars. He is considered to be one of the legends of this franchise.


Name (Age): Monkey(14)
Personal claim to fame: To young to have one.
Inspiration in life: Any person who fights for what they believe in and who isn't afraid to be themselves.
Hobbies: Survivor, Monkeys, and CHOCOLATE!!
Pet peeves: Don't know the definition of Pet peeves.
3 words to describe you: Original, Smartish, and UnComprehensive 
SURVIVOR contestant you are most like:  I would say Todd Herzog and Ken Hoang. Cause I can be strategic and I am a Super Fan like them. I would also say Eliza, because at every tribal council I went to, I thought I was going meaning I am very paranoid person. But I have my own way of playing. 
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: I am a SURVIVOR FREAK.
Why you think you’ll “survive” SURVIVOR: Ummm....i dunno. I am not and outdorsy person but love nature. Plus I know the game so i think I will do good. 
Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: Cause I studied Survivor, plus since I want to be a lawyer, I have to come up with reasonable questions and answers that justify my actions. Plus, this question is pretty much the same as "Why do you think you'll "survive" SURVIVOR". 

Survivor: KiribatiEdit

Monkey was placed on the Motu tribe.

Monkey's Voting History
Episode Monkey's
Voted Against
1 Blake -
2 Motu Tribe Immune
3 Ali -
4 Tenei Tribe Immune
5 Tenei Tribe Immune
6 Jordan Tenei Tribe Immune
7 Echo Courtney, Crtha,
Eddie, Raphael
No Tribal Council
8 Raphael Eddie, Raphael
9 Eddie Crtha (x2), Eddie,
Voted Off, Day 29
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: All-StarsEdit

Statistics of Coldmanner
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 66
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 8
Individual wins 1
Total 9
Tribal Council
Total votes received 25
Exile Island
Times exiled 0
Redemption Island
Days spent at Redemption Island N/A
Duels won N/A
Monkey's Voting History
Episode Monkey's
Voted Against
1 Alexjason -
Dallas Dallas
2 Mark;
3 Fortaleza Tribe Immune
4 Fortaleza Tribe Immune
5 Fortaleza Tribe Immune
6 CJ -
7 Fortaleza Tribe Immune
8 Aston -
9 Henry -
10 Taylor -
11 Wesley;
Bailey, Blaine, Charlie,
CJ, Gerda, Wesley;
Bailey, Blaine, Gerda
12 Gerda;
13 Ineligible Individual Immunity
14 Mitchell -
15 Bailey;
16 Dallas -
17 Bailey Blaine, Gerda
18 Blaine Bailey, Blaine, CJ
Voted Off, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Post SurvivorEdit

  • Monkey was declared an Admin on the Main Survivor Wiki on July 27, 2013. 
  • Monkey also went on to compete on the main ORG's 8th season, Survivor: Korea. 


  • Coldmanner applied for Kiribati. 
  • Coldmanner is the only original member of Motu to enter the merge without any votes against. 
  • Coldmanner is the first person to buy more than one item at the Survivor Auction. 
  • Coldmanner received the most votes against in Kiribati with 10.
    • He previously held the record for the most votes received in a season, until Cjl28 broke it with 17, and then BadAssWookie, aka KJ with 22.
    • Before the merge, he never received a vote, while during the merge, he received a vote at every tribal council he attended. 
    • He currently holds the record for the most votes received over multiple seasons with 25. 
  • Coldmanner won the first ever Fan Favorite for Kiribati, tied with Rockstar 1514.
  • Coldmanner is the only person to draw rocks in the Purple Rock tiebreaker twice.
  • Coldmanner is the highest placing Kiribati member in All-Stars.
    • Coldmanner is also the higest placing member of the original São Paulo tribe. 
  • Coldmanner, along with Will, hold the record for the most tribe affiliations with 7. 
  • Coldmanner has played the most amount of days for a contestant who never reached the Final Tribal Council with 66. 

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